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Judy has 25 years experience in Real Estate. She loves the industry, the challenges and the amazing people that she meets. After working for larger companies, Judy realised she wanted to specialise and focus on a smaller group of people where she could have maximum impact.

Starting Judy Harrow Property Management in 2012, Judy focussed on a more personal approach which is why she has built such a strong and successful client base. With a surge in business, Judy Harrow Property Management has employed a small team to manage day to day business and a growing portfolio.

“I felt that it was time to dedicate myself to a job that I love and do it the way I feel would be a benefit for not only the landlords but also the tenants.”

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We are a small and dedicated team with a personal approach. We care about you!

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“I have over 25 years experience in Real Estate and understand that communication is the key to a successful working relationship.”
– Judy Harrow