Landlord Information

At Judy Harrow Property Management, I will deliver to you quality and old fashioned service. I own the company and work the company. I have 15 years experience in Real Estate and understand that communication is the key to our working relationship, and ensure you are well informed at all times.

We have a zero tolerance to rental arrears. Rents are checked daily. Tenants will be phoned, sent an SMS or sent a letter after 3 days of being in arrears. I am more than comfortable to attend the Tribunal if necessary on your behalf to represent you and to ensure that tenants act in accordance with their Tenancy Agreement and the Resiential Tenancies Act of 1995.

We promptly arrange any maintenance on your investment property. This will ensure that your property is kept in premium condition. If need be we can arrange quotes on your behalf at no extra charge.

Your inspection are carried out every 13 weeks. These inspections will be thorough and you will recieve a phone call at the conclusion of the inspection outlining the condition of the home and to inform you of any maintenance that will need attending to. You will be emailed or mailed out a copy for your records and photos of your home can be taken upon request.

Tenant selection is the most critical part of property management. I work for you and understand that at the end of the day I don’t want to be looking after a badly selected tenant. I will be checking the following to ensure that we both made the right choice.

Rental History

  • Rent paid on time and the right amount paid
  • Care of the home
  • Gardens
  • Pets
  • Why did they leave the previous home
  • Would the landlord rent to them again
  • Did they get all of their bond back
  • How many occupants lived in the home
  • If they had pets did they damage home in any way

Employment Over The Past 5 Years

  • Amount earned
  • Time at place of employment
  • Reliability at work
  • Are they a team player and get on with the other employees
  • Do they turn up on time and do the right thing
  • Is employment ongoing, casual, full or part time

Business and Personal References

  • Opinion on character, team player and reliability
  • Have they visited their home on any occasion
  • Did they see their pet inside or outside
  • Would they rent their own investment property to the tenant
  • How long have they known them and their family
  • Payments made bi-monthly
  • Periodic inspections every 13 weeks
  • End of Financial Year statement
  • Accounts paid out of rent collected
  • advice on rental market conditions
  • Multiple maintenance quotes

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